Frequently Asked Questions 

Whats different about your candy?

Our candy is made from natural cane sugar and glucose. They are not as sweet as commerical brands, and the flavors are much more intense and authentic. The candy does not contain high fructose corn syrup, gluten or any animal products. 


What is the minimum quantity of candy if I want it customized?

The minimum order is 6kilos. The candy is made entirely by hand, and we need a certain amount of material to work with.  A customized batch means the entire batch is made to order, just for you. 


Is there a lead time? How long will it take my candy to be made?

Everything at Papabubble is made entirely by hand, which means we need to plan our production carefully.  Typical turn aroung time is two weeks notice, with a little more time needed around Halloween and Christmas. We'll do our best to accomditate urgent request whenever possible. 


Are the packaging options on the Pricing and Packaging page my only choices?

No. You can mix and match jars and bags, and all different sizes.  If you don’t need it all packaged, we’ll provide the remainder to you in 2kilo bags at no cost.


Can I package it myself?

Yes. But please remember to keep the candy away from humidity and heat. It's advised to pack and keep the candy in a airtight container, otherwise the moisture in the air will start to effect the apperance of the candy. 


Is there an expiry date on the Candy?

Yes. Although suger will never spoil, it will start to crystalize in about 6 months to a year, sooner if left in a humid place. The color of the candy will fade, and the texture will change. It's still safe to eat, just won't look as nice as a fresh batch. 


Does my choice of color limit the choice of flavor?

No. Any color with any flavor. They are separate processes. Just remember that each batch will be a single flavor and color scheme.  Also keep in mind that since the colros are hand mixed, we will not be able to match exact colors, but we will do our best to get as close as possible. 


Do you ship?

Yes. We can ship most of our products, besides the oversized lollipops or anything thats too delicate such as the roses. 




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